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Five Unique KnifeBoxes. One Great Service! 

Welcome to KnifeBox! We are a monthly box subscription service that brings you the one thing you can never have enough of… High-quality, dependable knives and tactical cutlery. 

At KnifeBox, we have something for every collector. It’s why we’re proud to offer four unique product boxes:

With KnifeBox, you get a brand-new premium knife each month.

With TacticalBox, you get a hand-selected tactical knife kit each month. Most of these boxes include five (4-6) pieces.

With SwordBox, you get a high quality, unique sword or sword kit each month. Boxes containing sword kits typically include two (2) to three (3) pieces.  

With AxeBox, you get a premium Axe, Hatchet, or Tomahawk. Most boxes include one item, but some include 2 matching throwing axes.

With Gamers KnifeBox, you get a Video Game inspired karambit, balisong, or fixed blade each month. 

We ship worldwide and if you live in the US KnifeBox ships FREE. And if you decide our service isn’t for you anymore, you can cancel your subscription at any time. No questions. No hassles. No commitments.